The Shocking Dirtiness in China’s Public Transport

We have talked about the role model of clean and tidy transport in Japan, that is a utopia of people are being considerate and responsible on littering and riding the public transport.
However, not all countries could successfully implement the idea of keeping the public spaces clean on their culture, this time we will talk about a typical negative example – China.
Other than China, we may also find irresponsible people leaving their trash on public transport, but nowhere could compare the infamous for dirty public spaces with China. If you haven’t been to China before, you would never believe how dirty a bus or train could be.

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The carriage of the public transport literally became a rubbish bin! You may wonder why people do not pick up their own rubbish. While there is a belief of Chinese that “littering provides lower-income migrants with work. By picking up after yourself, you are doing someone else’s job. ” You could find the largest difference between Chinese and Japanese dealing with littering. A majority of Chinese do not find the importance of public space cleanliness, most of them just mind about their own convenience, while most Japanese are educated to be considerate, not even leaving their own rubbish but also participate in volunteering for cleaning the public spaces.

When we all believe that the above situation would be the worst hygiene in public transport, I would say that’s not and there is something much more ridiculous and disgusting.

Warning: The following content contains photos that some viewers may find disturbing.


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Could you believe it? There are people not just treating the public transport as rubbish bin but also as a toilet! The fact is there are not a few people doing that, not only children but including adults, and the most shocking fact is that the passengers around do not find people excreting at public are shocking. Actually, they are used to it and that already became the norms in the Chinese culture.This disturbing littering attitudes and behaviors could only come from people that are not civilized.
After having a look at China’s shocking hygiene level in public transport, you may think that could only happen in China. However, all the trash on the transport does not appear in a sudden, as there are a lot of people not being considerate at the same time, thinking the littering attitude is kind of normal, and thus, everyone’s rubbish will eventually turn the transport to rubbish bin or even toilet.
Therefore, we have seen the key of “A Cleaner Transport”, is “ACT”, not by oneself or just the government educating and implementing, but each of us have to act together, actively being considerate, being responsible for our own rubbish, our public transport, our city, our nation and our home.


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2 thoughts on “The Shocking Dirtiness in China’s Public Transport

  1. OMG! This is unbelievable, I Am disguised by their behaviour! The government should really take action and improve the hygiene on the train:)


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