Public Transport Cleanliness is directly affecting the National Image

The example of Japan’s extremely tidy and clean public transport has impressed us that having “a cleaner transport” is not an impossible dream. We could also find out that Japan’s extraordinary cleanliness on public transport is constructing a highly positive national image for its nation, culture, and citizens.

Public transport is always the most popular and easiest way of transport in our daily life, no matter in which country. Therefore, the cleanliness of mass transit, like buses, trains, and metro, will reflect on the national image and cultures. Moreover, the tourism will also be affected by that. If you are a tourist, public transport would be make up the very first impression for that place, you would enjoy the traveling experience and feel comfortable if the surrounding is clean and tidy. And vice versa, if the carriage of public transport is filthy, your traveling experience must not appeal and enjoyable. Everyone would prefer the countries or cities with cleaner transport.

Let’s guess where could you find those train carriage as below…

The reasons of why should we have to put efforts on maintaining the cleanliness of public transport are not only about the tourism, but also the national image of the citizens and its culture. For a nation that its citizens are actively maintaining the cleanliness, you would appreciate their culture of this practice of etiquette and think that the citizens are well-educated and considerate. In another case, if the public transport of the country is filthy and people are not responsible of their own rubbish, you would think the people in this country is shameful, selfish and not educated.

So how do you want others to see you and your country as?


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2 thoughts on “Public Transport Cleanliness is directly affecting the National Image

  1. I didn’t realise the far-reaching impact of the cleaniness on a country! I think actions need to be taken in order to reshape the national image😀


  2. Nice Analysis! Nationality and itself cleanliness are indeed related, and I think imposing a better education will definitely improve the situation!


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