What are the secrets of Japan’s clean public transport?


Japan inevitably is one of the nations that have the cleanest and tidiest public transport. In the carriage of public transport in Japan, you seldom find Japanese people throw trash on the ground or graffiti on seats, walls or windows, everywhere in Japan’s public transport is spotless.

Photo by tohru_nishmura on Flickr

Here is a video showing the speedy cleaning of Shinkansen (the Japan’s bullet train), the whole cleaning process just spent 7 minutes.

7 Minute Miracle! The Shinkansen Cleaning

You may claim that the high level of cleanliness in Japan’s public transport is attributed to the efficient cleaners or cleaning strategies. However, if you have ever take a closer look at the video, you will find that the amount of rubbish on the train is little comparing to other countries. And more importantly, you would aware that the Japanese passengers have the ritual of bringing their own trash away, and hand them to the cleaners directly. This practice of littering is greatly making the cleaning process more efficient and speedy.
Japan is a nation that has educated their citizens about etiquette very well. The country has even made it a habit to keep “lesser” number of dustbins in public spaces. The government doesn’t spend millions on billboards and notices threatening people to use dustbins or in employing cleaners to keep the streets clean. Everybody just follows a simple policy – Do not throw your trash on the floor.
Instead of making the world their dustbin, the country encourages people to carry their own garbage with them and throw it in the dustbin when they’re home.

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3 thoughts on “What are the secrets of Japan’s clean public transport?

  1. Personally I am really appreciate the manner of Japanese, their etiquette reflects on how they use the public transport, I love how clean the bus, metro and train are, that is also the reason for me to always want to travel to Japan.


  2. Japanese are always great in maintaining their hygiene! As a Japanese I’m very proud 🙂 they should be the role model for Australian, learn how to organise and manage the public transport hygiene


  3. I agree! The cultural moral of Japanese definitely reflect the unpleasant behaviour of other country! We really need to learn from them:)


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