“What people need to do is change their attitudes to littering.”

For the last post, we bring up the suggestion about “should the buses or other public transportation provide the rubbish bins”. At the same time, in Ireland, Wagnor Rosati raised an online campaign to spread the message of putting efforts together for keeping the buses clean and tidy by suggesting to set up bins on buses.
However, does putting rubbish bins on buses could really improve the cleanliness? Although that might seem like a direct solution for people who leaving trash on the public transport, that may could not change the attitude to littering.
Let’s take a look at a news article talking about the problem of littering on public transport in Queensland.


Image from The Queensland Times

In the news, Westside Bus Company general manager Mark Thatcher said that
“I’d say about 75% of the mess would be found between the middle to the back section of the bus, where it’s a bit more out of sight,”
“Unfortunately there’s not much you can do about the problem if I hang a garbage bag no one uses it.”
“What people need to do is change their attitudes to littering.”
What we could aware that the fundamental cause of the improper littering on public transport is not only about the rubbish bins, but also the passengers’ public virtue and attitude to littering. I am not saying that putting rubbish bins on public transport will not make difference to the tidiness, but that suggestion could only improve the hygiene problem if people are self-motivated to dump their trash at the right place.
We would look into an admirable example of a nation that the citizens have an excellent attitude to littering, which is successfully keeping the public spaces clean and tidy. Have a guess for which country am I referring?

Image from RocketNews24

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2 thoughts on ““What people need to do is change their attitudes to littering.”

  1. People can’t assume leaving rubbish on public transport will be cleaned by someone! In fact the seats are not cleaned for years, and we are touching all these build ups….


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