Should buses provide rubbish bins?

In Ireland, there is an online campaign launched on 2015 for encouraging people to keep the bus clean and aiming for a rubbish bin to be provided onboard. Although Dublin Tidy Bus is targeting the cleanliness on buses in Dublin, the campaign actually spreading the message of “not leaving rubbish behind on the public transport” to the public, and also aiming for a rubbish bin to be provided onboard – apart from the current ticket recycling bin.

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The official Facebook page for the campaign listed off the main goals of the campaign:

“We want to alert society to keep the bus clean.”

“We want to show Dublin Bus how important it is to put in a recycling/rubbish bin inside.”

“Most of all, we want a tidy and clean bus for everybody.”

“We want people to send photos of trash inside the bus to the page, so we can post it on Facebook and show everybody how bad it is.”

The creator of the page, Wagnor Rosati, realized there was nowhere on the bus for him to put his rubbish, therefore initiated the idea of the campaign.
The goal of the page, according to Rosati, is the make people realize how much trash gets left on the bus.
Do you also think setting up the rubbish bin inside the public transport could improve the hygiene state?

Go to have a look at the Dublin Tidy Bus campaign on Facebook:

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2 thoughts on “Should buses provide rubbish bins?

  1. if people doesn’t have the incentive to throw rubbish into the bin, then it’s useless regardless how many bins we place. We should focus on education, and tell them why should we place rubbish in bin!


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