Who should responsible for the filthy transport?

From the perspective of the news articles in previous posts, the public transport companies have to take the responsibilities for the poor hygiene condition of public transport. As the government has been cut down hundreds of cleaning jobs for the public transport, the number of cleaning ­positions had halved in the past years from 1031 to 511. Also, there is more than 60 per cent of train cleaners have expressed interest in taking a redundancy, as the state government has outsourced about a third of cleaning services.

Apart from human resource, the NSW government is also lack of detail guidelines for how thoroughly should the cleaners clean. There are some shocking results shown that the public transport in Sydney is not properly cleaned. For example, the CityRail has never properly cleaned the fabric seats since 2012, the year they were introduced. Some higher standard cleaning service has been cancelled due to concerning it may affect the electrics, therefore, the cleaning services of train are most likely just mopping the floor and picking up rubbish. It shows there is lack of vacuuming or sterilizing of the seats.

Although the government’s arrangement on public transport cleaning should have to improve, we could not just blame the government as the only cause of the poor hygiene of public transport. Like the Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian (who is running the new division of train cleaning) said “Anyone who thinks trains are as clean as they can be is kidding themselves”. Passengers should not left the transport with rubbish for assuming someone should cleanup for them.


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2 thoughts on “Who should responsible for the filthy transport?

  1. Sometimes I think the government didn’t monitor the public transport well enough… and resulted in all these mess right now. Probably utilise our tax in a more sufficient way? 🤔


  2. Both governments and as a citizen should try out best to maintain the hygiene on public transport… author is right, the responsibility is not on the government, we are responsible too!


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