How dirty is our transport? Part 2

On this part of discussing the cleanliness of our transport, we are going to look closer to the public space in the carriage of transport that we may ride every day. We would probably not aware of how dirty are the spaces normally.
One question, do you know why most of the public transport seats (train or bus) are covered with hideous patterns?

Sydney Trains
Sydney Buses

If you are a public transport commuter, you’ll be well aware of the heinous patterns that cover the seats and sometimes the floor. And the very surprising explanation to this kind of design is trying to hide how horrible they actually are.
Their complex mind-reading designs are used to hide unwanted graffiti and disgusting stains so that to a commuters eye. So many commuters use the seats daily but how many of them will know how much actual dirt, grime and muck that is found on them.
Here is a video below as a proof of this hideous-patterned seats are distracting our eyes from the dirt, grime, muck and fart molecules.


If you want some scientific proof, there is a special investigation by The Daily Telegraph shows the majority of buses and trains we examined failed hygiene swab tests.
The Daily Telegraph tested the cleanliness of five trains and five buses heading east, west, north and south from the CBD, with nine failing the hygiene test. The dirtiest trip was the 333 bus to Bondi Beach, which recorded dirt levels three-and-a-half times above the benchmark for cleanliness.

333 bus to Bondi

There is also tested positive to a low reading of a potentially harmful strain of staphylococcus, which may cause diseases to passengers. The infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus range from superficial skin infections to life-threatening ones. Passengers who regularly riding these transports are exposed in a filthy space that may cause the health risk to them. Other than the health perspective, the filthy environment of public transports is impacting the comfortableness of passengers’ riding experience.


germ detector.jpg
Handheld germ detector

Did you get scared by these surprising facts of how dirty our transport is?
Who do you think are the responsibilities for causing this poor hygiene condition transport?



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